Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For Millennials - General Observations Regarding the Book “Think and Grow Digital” By Joris Merk-Benjaminsen

For Millennials - General Observations Regarding the Book "Think and Grow Digital" By Joris Merk-Benjaminsen

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

I think its an excellent read regarding approaches and skills required for 21st Century Leaders.

I also think "Think and Grow Digital" does very well in describing what Millennials are looking for as they break into the job and career market.

In terms of the book providing an accurate assessment of how older generations think and view of the world...I don't necessarily agree with the observations of Joris. I'm not saying he is wrong, I'm simply saying not all leaders from older generations view the world from such a self-protectionist and controlling optic.

Joris does an outstanding job describing what many people in organizational leadership are learning at the master's level of education and in their leadership experiences in the United States. Collaborating and serving teams is rapidly replacing the outdated image of a leader simply ordering and directing teams. Organizations need to be flat, not necessarily to be efficient, but to be adaptive. This is not a millennial observation, it's a cross-generational leader observation.

To be collaborative, serving, adaptive, the leader must have credibility. Credibility is based on a combination of competence, integrity, inspiration and vision. Credibility gives one freedom of movement because trust has been established.

The most treasured form of competence is not necessarily based on technical knowledge, but on having social intelligence shape relationships and mobilize a group of people toward a shared goal, or set of goals.

Leaders need to have integrity, not only in being honest, but in being humble enough to turn the reigns over to people (younger or older) who can best lead the organization to achieving its vision. The leader in this sense shapes and facilitates the environment to enable whatever generational leader needs to get the job done. Leadership in this instance is situational. There still can be a primary leader for purposes of accountability and some semblance of organizational structure, but the actual means and modes to achieve certain objectives require the most capable people to surface and lead the team toward success.

Inspiration, the ability to motivate people and to give people a sense of purpose and/or enjoyment in doing what they do is another trait. My half-century worth of life experience has taught me that inspiring people tend to draw the best response from me...I'm usually willing to go the extra mile, just so I don't disappoint that person. A sense of loyalty and camaraderie develops.

Vision...the ability to be able to identify a course of action in the face of uncertainty is a hard quality to find in leaders, but it is a quality that older generations, as well as millennials hope to find. We all want to sense of purpose in our lives; we all generally want to be a part of something big and productive.

Joris's description about what millennials are looking for in the work environment is generally the same for older generations. We want to be around leaders. Leadership does not necessarily lay in one person, but leadership can be situational. And, older generations often do want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Recommended Reading Sources:

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

For all Generations - Be Careful Reading the Millennial Hype

For all Generations - Be Careful Reading the Millennial Hype - "A Guide to Understanding Your Millennial" from the New Yorker

Despite what the New Yorker reported about the job market being different for the the millennial, the example used appears shallow.

The article states "Some millennials are getting jobs that they like, some of them are getting jobs that they don't like, and some don't have any job at all." News flash… that same issue applies to every generation. Prior generations took on whatever jobs needed to make a living. I suspect members of the latest generation do so as well.

These challenges have been around for multiple generations, possibly thousands of years. Lack of opportunity led to the creation of wealth coaches such as Napoleon Hill of the 1930s the author of 'Think and Grow Rich"; Maxwell Maltz of the 1960s; Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins of the 1980s and 1990s; in 2015, you have a millennial by the name of Joris Merks-Benjaminsen – Author of 'Think and Grow Digital".

The bottom line is everyone faces challenging jobs markets and opportunities in each generation, and we all have to learn ways to deal with them. The issues regarding how to survive in the world will likely face each generation as it has for decades, and even centuries. Learning how to adapt, suck it up, think, plan and act is what keeps generations surviving.

I'm not discounting the fact millennials are having a hard time finding a way to survive in this world, I am discounting the fact they are not the only generation to face these challenges. Those older generations working today are having to adapt as well with company down-sizing, retirements and social security going away, and having to develop tech skills to also adapt.

We are all facing challenges together.

Cheers from someone in another generation

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The 5D Strategic Guide or 5D-SG

The 5D Strategic Guide or 5D-SG © 2015 Bob Howard

What’s in it for me you ask?

If you want to optimize the potential for success in your life, you will want to read this. It’s not about goal setting and achieving tactical gains, you are about to learn how to monitor and assess your overall life game plan that will lead up to your destiny. This is more about lifestyle.

Control Your Life, or Life Will Control You

Here’s a simple rule about life to remember; you either control your life, or life will control you. It’s pretty much that simple despite the fact that unexpected occurrences will happen in life, but little in the life of humans is an accident.  Life, the quality of life, is a result of how we choose to live it.

This is about Your Destiny

What is the 5D-SG? 5D-SG is nothing more than a simple natural guideline one can leverage to shape their lives. It’s a reflection tool to assess where you are in life by reflecting on your own life and matching your observations with the direction you hope to sustain until the day you leave this earth.  D, therefore, represents the word DESTINY; your mark on earth, the people around you, and in history.

Elements of Destiny

Our Destiny is generally the sum of five factors: Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Habit, and Character…almost in that order.

Thoughts, Feelings and Action

Thoughts and feelings drive what we do and fail to do.  Sometimes thoughts drive move our emotions leading to action. Sometimes emotions get us thinking and lead us into action. Either will move into decisions of whether or not to act.  Even not taking action is taking action because failing to take action is still a choice.


Actions consistently conducted over a period of time can turn into habits.  Habits are actions conducted so often that it becomes relatively natural, or subconscious, like breathing.

Habits Shape Character

Habits shape our lives by influencing what we do with our time, who we interact with and how.  Habits also shape our views of the world, interactions within the world, and how people and events relate to us.  Habits shape our nature, a brand, that people say distinguishes us as individuals. This is when habits become what is known as character.

Character and Destiny

Character is the sum of how we think, feel, act, and do on a habitual basis. We do what we do because it is who we are consistently each minute, hour, day, month, year, decade and lifespan.  This all consequently serves as a Strategic Guide to our destiny. The Strategic Guide is actually not something we control, but something we flow with.  This is because the energy created by thoughts, feelings, actions, habit and character create a momentum.  That momentum is the inertia that propels us to our daily experiences and ultimately our destiny. 

Destiny – The Sum of Our Lives

Destiny is the sum of our lives, of who we are, what we believe and represent. Failing to manage and shape the natural force generated by our daily lives means we either live rudderless in reaction mode, or we direct our energies to achieve deliberate and positive gains in our lives.

How do I use 5D-SG?

Use it as a reflection tool. Take the time to reflect on what you want people to know and think about you when you expire.  Give life to that desire, and then match your thoughts, feelings, actions, habits and character towards those desires. You will likely live a life based on your own design, rather than simple randomness. It will be a miserable feeling to look back on your life with regret that you did not live to your fullest desire and potential.

A Final Thought

5D-SG does not replace faith. It does not immediately account for the unexpected such as serendipity, misfortune, illness, etc.  External influences definitely impact and shape our ability to affect our will. 5D-SG, however, can impact how we react to those external influences, and adapt to return to the life track we desire.

Nobody owns 5D-SG. Sure, I created the label, but 5D-SG exists whether I want it to, or not.