Monday, March 7, 2016

Danger of Success and “The Power of Broke”

Danger of Success and “The Power of Broke

Here’s a thought for the day. Have you ever considered the danger of being successful?  If not, you need too.

Look at what happened to Rocky Balboa when he became a champion in the Rocky series. Sure, the Rocky series were movies, but people live similar lives.

After achieving his goals, Rocky finds himself unable to deal well with his success, and unable to adapt to a new life post boxing. He loses his edge and finds himself blind to achieving his goals and lacking the right motivation to continue being a champion. He goes broke, but eventually returns as a champion again. This is a good news story, but many real life stories don’t turn out so well.

You also hear about companies, music/film personalities and athletes losing their edge, their money, their success, and worst of all themselves. Read about companies like Enron, Kurt Cobain, and OJ Simpson. Organizations and people with high levels of talent and success, only to lose themselves, sometimes hurting others in the end.

So, at the end of the day, should you become successful in achieving your goal via passion, focus, hard work and dedication; you need to think about where you need to go next. You need to think about shaping the next stage in your life. 

While I cannot claim the level of success as Enron, Cobain or Simpson, I can say I achieved my goals. But, I can also say I’ve hit ruts because I failed to think about how to redefine the next level of success in a positive and healthy way.  I failed to transition. When you hit ruts, you may start unnecessarily gain weight, become apathetic, etc. You get sloppy and then you hit a jam. You can lose focus, drive, initiative, momentum and persistence. The very qualities that made you top of your game.

We can mitigate such challenges by remembering that rivers always move and are full of life, while ponds and stagnate and eventually die. We need to make life count.

Success if not an end-state, it’s a journey. If you fail to realize this, you may find yourself crumble to nothing. Take time to pause, think and reflect what you want to do next with yourself.

This is easier said than done. So, I close with the thought for now. The next post will address some solutions to address this challenge. One recommendation is reading Daymond John’s book, The Power of Broke. Excellent read so far.

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