Monday, July 18, 2016

Provide Value: Be Cutting Edge

Article:  Provide Value: Be Cutting Edge

IPhone, MAC, Twitter- innovative systems, tools, thoughts and actions create value. Value creates opportunity. Opportunity creates wealth and some financial security for a time.

You need to be an autodidact, you need to create your own personal development program so you can stay ahead of the competition. Failure to do so leads to irrelevance.

The late Charles Darwin allegedly said:  "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."  There's debate Darwin on the internet that he ever said this, but social proof in our 21st century society seems to support the statement.

With the internet we see people without degrees become millionaires and overnight successes, while the alleged educated find themselves scraping for jobs.  It appears that being innovative, taking initiative and applying skills to real problems lead to success.

Just a thought...

Making and Impact: Think in Ripples

Article:  Think in Ripples

I believe, and observed, that everything has consequences. Saying a kind word or cursing at someone have effects. Saying a kind word may get you a hug. Cursing someone may get you shot. These are first order effects.

Second order and follow-on effects. You say a kind word that gets you a hug. That person may like you and do additional things for you in the future.  In the case where you get shot, your family has to bury you; you may be the financial breadwinner, but not the family is broke.

When we do positive things on a consistent basis, we develop a pattern that others may appreciate. That pattern may turn into positive momentum.  When we do negative things on a consistent basis, we develop a pattern others may not appreciate. Positive, or negative, our actions and attitudes generate momentum.

You can shape that momentum in your favor and generate opportunities. you can shape momentum against your favor and generate failure.

You create your luck through a sum of consistent actions and attitudes. You cannot always directly control or shape the follow-on results/impacts, but they very likely exist.  The impacts we consistently shape and create turns momentum. That momentum can work for you, or against you.

Contractors, You Are a Tool

Contractors, You Are a Tool

Contractors are a tool. The government sees you this way. Companies see you this way.

You don't work for your client as a permanent staff member. You don't work for the company that contracted you out to the client. You are the person in the middle.

You may work for a company; where a company shirt; get company benefits, but this is all contingent on the company being able to pimp you out to customers who may pay the company double, or more, for the services you provide under the company name.

You are the first person to get fired if the contract ends. You are the first person to be fired if you have a personality conflict, and may not have any idea you are in a conflict until you are let out the door.

The sad fact is you are a cog in a wheel that is simply replaceable.

As a contractor, you need to build a depth of options and relationships. You need to be skillful in reading people and adapt as your conditions allow.

Contractors are not entrepreneurs. Contractors are employees. Contractors are employees, because if the job stops so does their pay. Entrepreneurs are businessman who are able to scale capacity and live off the income of the capacity they build.

Being a contractor is good if you are transitioning and/or trying to develop credibility in a field. However, being a contractor is not stable for the reasons listed above. If you want some stability, you will want to be an employee of a company, or the government.