What is EleFlea?

What is EleFlea?
EleFlea is a site based on a hybrid name devoted to sharing stories, information and links directed toward the promotion of opportunity, self-development, personal fulfillment and freedom.  Most of all, this site and the name itself is specifically about breaking through self-limiting beliefs and perceptions.
Ele represents the widely known story about how elephants are raised on self-limiting beliefs; about how as small calves they are trained they cannot break the rope that binds them to a stake.  All the while they are fed and provided for thus no longer trying to escape…they become comfortable.  The elephants become conditioned to this way of life and do not try to escape.  Generally comfortable with their lives, these majestic beasts seldom try to escape.  They never come to realize their own true potential and thus pass through life only to die imprisoned.
The second part of the name, Flea, represents another syndrome that involves self-limitation.  There’s a story about how kids in South America catch fleas and put them in jars sealed with a lid.  At first, it is said the fleas try hard to escape by trying to jump out of the jar, but they hit the lid at each effort.  Over time, the story goes, the children remove the lids, but the fleas no longer jump out because they have conditioned themselves not to hit the lids, thus imprisoning themselves until they are set free, or die.
The Meaning of All This
Whether the stories are exactly true is debatable.  What is not debatable is that all creatures, and humans, become conditioned over time through various circumstances, acts and habits that shape our lives...often not in our best interests if we do not take the reins of our minds and souls.
Freedom & Seizing Life
So the intent of this blog is to share information and sources of information to inspire people like us who refuse to let people, life, lack of opportunity, or education to stop us…yes, including myself of course.
And, for people in, or near their senior years like myself, never give up your dream or desires until life forces us to pass our last breath…
“Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”
Alfred, Lord Tennyson